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Magnesium Oxide Ceramic, MgO

Magnesium Oxide Description

Magnesium Oxide CeramicMagnesium oxide is an inorganic oxide of magnesium, and its chemical formula is MgO. It is a white solid at room temperature. Magnesium oxide exists in nature in the form of periclase and is the raw material for magnesium smelting.

Magnesium oxide has high fire resistance and insulation properties. It can be transformed into crystal after high temperature burning above 1000℃, and it will become dead burnt magnesia (magnesia) or sintered magnesia when it rises to 1500-2000°C.

Magnesium Oxide Specification

Fused Magnesite MgO
Item No. Description Purity Lot Size
OX12F-98 fused magnesite
0-10 mm, 0-15mm, 0-30mm, or 0-90mm
98 % 1 MT
10 MT
OX12F-97 fused magnesite
0-10 mm, 0-15mm, 0-30mm, or 0-90mm
97% 1 MT
10 MT
OX12F-96 fused magnesite
0-10 mm, 0-15mm, 0-30mm, or 0-90mm
96% 1 MT
10 MT

Magnesium Oxide Different Types

Magnesium Oxide is divided into two types: light magnesium oxide and heavy magnesium oxide.

Light Magnesium Oxide is loose in volume, white amorphous powder, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic, with a density of 3.58g/cm3. It is hardly soluble in pure water and organic solvents, and its solubility in water increases due to the presence of carbon dioxide. It can be dissolved in acid and ammonium salt solution. It is converted into crystals after high temperature burning. In case of carbon dioxide in the air, magnesium carbonate double salt is formed.

Heavy Magnesium Oxide is compact in size and is white or beige powder. It is easy to combine with water, and it is easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide in the exposed air. It is easy to gel and harden when mixed with magnesium chloride solution.

Magnesium Oxide Applications

* Used to determine sulfur and pyrite in coal and sulfur and arsenic in steel.
* Used as a raw material for preparing ceramics, enamels, refractory crucibles and refractory bricks.
* Used as a polishing agent, adhesive, paint, and paper filler, as an accelerator and activator for neoprene and fluorine rubber.
* Used as a catalyst and raw material for the manufacture of magnesium salts.
* Used in the manufacture of glass, dyed meal, phenolic plastic, etc.
* Used in the manufacture of artificial chemical floor, artificial marble heat-proof board, sound-proof board, plastic industry as a filler

Magnesium Oxide Ceramic Products

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