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ZC0937 Zirconia Crucible, ZrO2 Crucible

  • Catalog No. ZC0937
  • Molecular Formula ZrO2
  • Molecular Weight 123.22
  • Appearance White
  • Melting Point 2,715° C (4,919° F)
  • Boiling Point 4,300° C (7,772° F)
  • Density 5.68 g/cm3
  • Water Absorption < 0.05%
  • Hardness 1350 HV
  • Hot Expansion Coefficient 9.5x10-6 /°C

Zirconia Crucible Description

High purity zirconia crucibles are great refractory and insulating containers. They can withstand a high temperatures above 1900°C and above and are specially manufactured for melting superalloys and precious metals. They also have excellent chemical inertness, superior thermal shock resistance to temperatures reaching up to 2200°C, and good corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis.

Zirconia Crucible Specifications

Working temperature 2200℃
Corrosion Resistant acids, alkalis
Approx. Capacity 2~300 mL
OD 9~80 mm
Height 15~80 mm
Wall thickness 1.5~3.5 mm

Different sizes and shapes of zirconia crucibles can be manufactured according to the customer's requirements. Please send us an inquiry for the zirconia crucible price.

Zirconia Crucible Shapes

A: Top Diameter, B: Height, C: Bottom Diameter

Zirconia Crucible Applications

Zirconium Oxide Crucibles deliver cleaner melts at temperatures up to 1900°C and beyond. They are engineered for the melting of superalloys and precious metals and deliver heat-up and cool-down schedules that keep your foundry productive. They are widely used in:
-Chemical calcining
-Metal casting
-Metal melting, especially in superalloy and precious metals industries
-Thermal analysis crucibles

Packing Service

ACM is a global zirconia crucibles manufacturer. Our  Zirconia Crucible is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

Get Contact

Advanced Ceramic Materials is a certified zirconia crucible supplier. Our product quality is high and our price is competitive. Send us an inquiry.

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