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CM4523 Alumina Dish

  • Catalog No. CM4523
  • Size Customized (mm)
  • Material Al2O3
  • Purity 95/99/99.7 %
  • Density 3.8~3.9 g/cm3

Alumina Dish Description

Alumina Dish is developed and made of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3). Alumina is widely used in structural, electronics, medical and electrical fields as one of the most important ceramic oxides. Due to its high melting point (2054℃) and good chemical stability, Alumina ware is often used during high temperature demanding and contamination-free reactions. Alumina is also a good refractory metal. It can work up to 1750℃ in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. It’s also a good electrical insulator used as a substrate for integrated circuits. Considering Alumina’s price, high melting and boiling points, good resistance, strong hardness, and good electrical insulation, Alumina is widely spread and used all over the world in lots of industries.

Alumina Dish Features

  • High melting and boiling points
  • good electrical insulation
  • strong hardness
  • Strong thermal shock resistance
  • good chemical resistance
  • small density and good bio-inertness

Alumina Dish Specification

Composition UNIT Al95 Al99 Al997
Al2O3 Content % 95 99 99.7
Color   White Ivory Ivory
Tensile Strength Kpsi 32 38 36
Flexural Strength Kpsi 52 55 54
Compressive Strength Kpsi 300 377 350
Density g/cc 3.70 3.90 3.92
Hardness HV, GPa 13.8 17.2 18
Thermal Conductivity W/(m·K) 25 30 30
C.O.T.E. In/In℃ (x10-6) 7.7 7.8 7.8
Working Temperature 1500 1650 1750
Dielectric Constant   9.5 9.7 9.8
Volume Resistivity (25℃) Ohm-cm >1014 >1014 >1014

Alumina Dish Application

  • A good container undergoing high-temperature or contamination-free chemical reaction
  • good material in hip replacements
  • Material to produce body armor
  • One of the best materials for producing electrical insulations or high-temperature furnace insulations

Alumina Dish Packaging

Our Alumina Dish is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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