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Not only a premier supplier of ceramic materials, our knowledgeable and expert technical team also help our customer to make the most out of our products. We encourage exploration and development. We are innovation at your service.

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Q –Are CERAMICS products environmentally friendly?

A – Ceramics uses clay as a raw material, a natural element respectful of the environment. On top of that, all glazes and varnishes used in the production are lead and cadmium free. Altogether the final result is environmentally friendly.

Q – What types of ceramic do you supply?

A – We offer the full range of technical ceramics from machinable grades like Macor and Shapal to materials that require diamond grinding like aluminazirconia, carbides, and nitrides. We can machine and supply virtually any ceramic material. This allows us to optimize the material selection and design what is right for you the customer, rather than what is right for our capability.

Q – I hear a lot about ceramics but I never see them. Are companies still looking for ways to use them?

A – Advanced ceramics are used in more everyday products than you can imagine. Alumina is used in house fuses, tap seals, and central heating water pumps. Zirconia can be found in hair straighteners and glass-ceramic cooker hobs. Silicon nitride bearings and turbochargers can be found in most cars as can silicon carbide pump parts. Boron nitride is used extensively in make-up products from face powders to lipsticks. Ceramics are all around us but seldom noticed.

Q – I am used to working with metals and plastics. Can you help me with the material selection and design of ceramics?

A – Yes we can. We have a competent team of technical sales staff with many years of experience that can help you choose the right material. Whether it is for wear, thermal management, electrical properties, or something else, we can help you by designing an appropriate component for ceramic manufacture from simple suggestions to more complex solutions.

Q – Can I machine the ceramics myself?

A – The harder ceramics like alumina and zirconia will require diamond tooling but other materials can be machined. Getting the right result does take time, experience, and semi-specialized tooling, but it can be done and many of our customers take advantage of this when they need extremely fast solutions in-house.

Q – Can I purchase finished components?

A – Unlike many companies, we have a dedicated ceramics machining facility, including 4th and 5th axis machining. Because of this, our prices and response rates are very competitive. We will also certify and guarantee all the ceramics we supply. You can send us an inquiry for more information.

Q – Can I get a sample or purchase a small quantity?

A – Yes, we are happy to supply small samples of material for you to test. We can also supply prototype quantities through volume production to suit your needs.

Q – What is the maximum size of ceramic products that I can purchase?

A – 300mm x300mm x 55mm is the maximum size and we can supply any smaller size or shape on request. We also carry many standard sizes of ceramic bars, rods, and sheets in stock for quick delivery. We are happy to discuss supplying fully machined components produced in our in-house facility. A thickness of 60mm may be possible in some applications.

Q – What is the maximum size of Shapal I can purchase?

A – We have recently been able to increase the maximum size availability of Shapal to 300mm x 300mm x 64mm. We carry many standard sizes of Shapal in stock and can supply fully machined components or non-standard sizes on request.

Q – Do you have a minimum order value?

A – No, we realize that this is unusual but we don’t!

Q – How long will it take for you to send me a quote?

A – This depends totally on the complexity of your requirements. For simple items such as bars and rods, we can generally supply a quotation within 48 hours. For more complex items, we should be able to respond within 3 to 4 days.

Q – What payments do you accept?

A – We accept Credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and checks.


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