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Environmental Applications

Technical ceramics have many useful environmental applications. They can withstand temperatures above 1000 °C, which means they are ideal for photovoltaics, solar energy conversion, and other power plant engine systems. In addition to this, ceramic components are also highly resistant to thermal shock, wear, and corrosion.

Water Purifier

Ceramic materials are used in the production of filters for purifying wastewater. Ceramic filters are heat resistant up to 1500 °C, suitable for thermal shock and corrosion resistance. Ceramic filters can save up to 50% on heat exchanger fuel requirements, making them ideal for water purifiers or waste treatment plants. Zirconia and alumina ceramics are common materials for foam filters.

Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as dust, moisture, UV radiation and temperature changes, which can lead to severe corrosion problems. To solve this problem, a ceramic film can be coated on the surface of the wind turbine components to increase its performance in all aspects. Ceramic coatings can provide components with better corrosion, temperature, chemical, and abrasion resistance.


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