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Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramics

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a refractory compound ceramic material with a hexagonal wurtzite structure. Pure aluminum nitride has a blue-white color, and aluminum nitride ceramics are usually gray or white.

Aluminum nitride is stable at high temperatures in inert atmospheres and melts at 2800 °C. It has high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation properties, as well as low dielectric constant and dielectric loss. This combination of properties makes it a key advanced material for many applications in optics, lighting, electronics and renewable energy. 

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Aluminum Nitride Properties: 

  • Very high thermal conductivity (> 170 W/mK)
  • High electrical insulation capacity (>1.1012Ωcm)
  • Strength according to the double ring method >320 MPa (biaxial strength)
  • Low thermal expansion 4 to 6×10-6K-1(between 20 and 1000°C)
  • Good metallization capacity




Aluminum Nitride Structure

Aluminum nitride has a hexagonal crystal structure and is a covalently bonded material. Common methods for preparing aluminum nitride include direct nitridation, carbothermal reduction, high-energy ball milling, high-temperature self-propagating synthesis, chemical vapor deposition, and the like.

Aluminum Nitride Structure

Aluminum Nitride Specification

CAS#: 24304-00-5, MF: AlN, MW: 40.99
Item No. Description Purity Lot Size
Al07-3N Aluminum Nitride Powder
Particle Size: Customize
N>33%; O<0.1%; C<0.01%; Fe<0.015%

Aluminum Nitride Applications

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Your AlN Ceramics Supplier

Advanced Ceramic Materials is a leading supplier of aluminum nitride ceramic products of the highest quality for a wide range of applications. We are happy to provide advice on materials, design, and application. Feel free to contact us with any questions about AlN or other ceramic materials that are not listed on the website. 




Q: What Are the Good Properties of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics?
A: Aluminum nitride possesses several properties that make it suitable for a variety of industrial applications: ? High thermal conductivity (above 170W/m.K). ? Good thermal expansion coefficient of 4.5 *10-6℃. ? Good light transmission characteristics. ? Great electrical conductivity. ? Nontoxicity.
Q: What Is AlN Ceramics Used For?
A: Aluminum nitride ceramics have been used in many fields due to their favorable properties. Some of the common applications of this material are: ? Chipping heat dissipation and support ? The use of aluminum nitride ceramic substrates (ceramic trays) in semiconductor devices ? Aluminum nitride etching shields ? Aluminum nitride evaporation boats for OLEDs ? In the manufacture of plastics and resins. These materials typically have low thermal conductivity (less than 0.3W/mk). ? In the packaging of various electronic components. ? …
Q: How To Machine Different Types of Aluminum Nitride?
A: Depending on the method of production and the desired properties, the properties of aluminum nitride can be seen in three different forms: ? Conventional aluminum nitride ceramics are produced by casting and dry pressing. ? Injection-molded aluminum nitride ceramics effectively solve the problem of high hardness, brittleness, and complex processing of aluminum nitride ceramics. ? Injection molding high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride ceramics is based on the injection molding aluminum nitride ceramic process and uses high-purity, higher-quality aluminum nitride powder. The product has varying properties that depend on the product configuration and manufacturing process.
Q: What Are the Ceramic Materials with High Thermal Conductivity?
A: The thermal conductivity of ceramic materials plays an important role in its application. Ceramic materials with high thermal conductivity are mainly composed of oxides, nitrides, carbides, and borides. Here are some specific examples. ? Aluminum Nitride: The theoretical thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride single crystal can reach 3200W/m?K. ? Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD): The theoretical value of thermal conductivity of its single crystal is 1642W/m?K at room temperature, and the measured value is 2000W/m?K. ? Silicon Carbide: The theoretical thermal conductivity of silicon carbide is very high, reaching 270W/m?K. ? Silicon Nitride: The theoretical thermal conductivity of silicon nitride crystals is 200 ~ 320 W/m?K. ? Beryllium Oxide: The thermal conductivity of the prepared BeO ceramics can reach 280 W/m?K.
Q: Do You Supply Customized AlN Ceramic Components?
Q: Do You Supply Customized Al N Ceramic Components?
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