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BN1809 Boron Nitride Composite BN-AlN Ceramic

  • Catalog No. BN1809
  • Material BN+AlN
  • Purity >99%
  • Density 2.5-2.6 g/cm3
  • Shape Customized

Composite BN-AlN Ceramic Description

Boron Nitride is a kind of advanced synthesis ceramic that was sintered at a high temperature and high pressure by BN powder. It has many excellent properties including high-temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity, easy machining, and good lubricity, making BN an outstanding material.

Boron nitride composite BN-AlN ceramic is manufactured by a transitional plastic phase process. The relative density of the hot-pressed composite ceramic decreases as the boron nitride content increases, but 30% of the boron nitride can be obtained in more than 99% of the aluminum nitride. Though materials such as quartz are not available in high-temperature gas atmospheres, boron nitride-aluminum nitride composite ceramic gears provide reliable drive performance.

High hardness, excellent wear resistance

High mechanical strength, high thermal conductivity

Provide a reliable driving force for gears

Composite Ceramic BN-AlN Specifications

Grade BN-AlN
Compositions BN+AIN
Binder AlBO3
Density 2.5-2.6 g/cm3
25°C Volume Resistivity >1014 Ω·cm
Max. Service Temp.(°C) 900 (Oxygen)
2100 (Inert Gas)
1900 (High Vacuum)
Flexural Strength 130 Mpa
Compressive Strength 250 Mpa
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (25-1000°C) 4.5 10-6/K
Thermal Conductivity 60 W/mK

Composite BN-AlN Ceramic Applications

 Semiconductor equipment components
 Molded glass fixture material
 Used as bearings and gears


Our Boron Nitride BN-AlN Ceramic is always carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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