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AC0971 Alumina Plate, Aluminum Oxide Plate, Al2O3

  • Catalog No. AC0971
  • Material Al2O3
  • Purity 95%, 96%, 99%, 99.5%, 99.7%, 99.8%
  • Density 3.8~3.9 g/cm3

Alumina Plate Description

The alumina plate is made of aluminum oxide ceramics. Alumina is a ceramic material with high thermal conductivity, compressive strength, and thermal shock resistance. It also has a low thermal expansion, making it a suitable material for furnace use in the crucible, tube, and thermocouple sheath form. Aluminum oxide ceramic plates can withstand high temperatures and maintain high strength and hardness. Alumina ceramic plates also have superb performances in electrical insulation, high chemical resistance, good were resistance and heat resistance, and low thermal expansion. We have various sizes of semi-finished shapes in stock and are able to conduct custom manufacturing for all kinds of alumina components.

Alumina Plate Specifications 

Composition AL97 AL98
AL2O3 Content 97% 99.80%
Color White Ivory
Tensile 30 Kpsi 32 Kpsi
Flexural 55 Kpsi 60 Kpsi
Compressive 300 Kpsi 330 Kpsi
Density 3.7 g/cc 3.92 g/cc
Hardness 13.8 HV, Gpa 18 HV, Gpa
Thermal Conductivity 25 W/(m K) 32 W/(m K)
C.O.T.E. 77 In / In°C (x10^7) 78 In / In°C (x10^7)
Working Temperature 1500 °C 1750 °C
Dielectric Constant 9.5 9.8
Volume Resistivity >10^14 Ohm-cm >10^15 Ohm-cm
Dielectric Strength 16 KV/mm 20 KV/mm


*This chart just demonstrates the typical properties of common alumina materials we use to produce our alumina ceramic parts. Please notice that the property for customized alumina parts could vary due to different processes. Advanced Ceramic Materials (ACM) could provide aluminum oxide products produced under your specified instruction, or do the best to meet customers’ requirements.

Alumina Plate Applications

Aluminum oxide ceramic plates have a wide variety of applications:

 Alumina plates are hard enough to become armor for personnel or vehicles.
 The corrosion resistivity of alumina plates makes them a great material for the chemical industry.
 Used as a material for industrial furnaces due to its ability to maintain its hardness at high temperatures.
 Used for making parts for CVD thin films, ion implants, photolithography, and semiconductor parts.
 In traditional industries, alumina ceramics are ideal for products such as injector tubes, gas nozzles, and insulators.


Our Alumina plates are carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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