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Alumina (Al2O3) Ceramics

Alumina Ceramics Description

alumina ceramicsAlumina, or aluminum oxide Al2O3, with a molecular weight of 102, is the major source of aluminium in nature. Normal Al2O3 products have a very high melting point, which is 2,072℃. Advanced Ceramic Materials (ACM) offers numerous ceramic materials and formulations, each exhibiting unique and excellent performance characteristics, including resistance to:

• High temperatures
• Mechanical wear and tear
• Corrosive environments

Alumina ceramic is the most common technical ceramic material and a relatively traditional material. High-purity aluminum oxide ceramics as a fine ceramic material is widely used in a lot of industries. This material has superb performances in electrical insulation, high thermal conductivity, high chemical resistance, good wear resistance, and low thermal expansion.

Alumina Ceramics Applications

ACM offers Alumina Ceramics satisfying a wide range of customer requirements and applications. Various alumina grades and alumina purities in both porous and non-porous varieties are available. The main Applications of Alumina Ceramics are as follows:

·  Industrial appliances ·  Coatings
·  Labware ·  Engineered Ceramics
·  Refractories ·  Artificial bones
·  Abrasives ·  Consumer electronics


alumina complex shapesAlumina tubes are used for industrial furnaces and thermal couple protectors. High-purity alumina materials are excellent for making parts for CVD, ion implants, photolithography, and semiconductor parts.

In traditional industries, alumina ceramics are ideal for products such as injector tubes, gas nozzles, and insulators.

Compared with metals, alumina ceramic material is extremely hard, making it an ideal material for abrasive, grinding media.

Alumina mortars and pestles are widely used in laboratories for grinding hard materials.

Alumina Ceramics have excellent biocompatibility, high strength, and high wear resistance. So, they are also ideal materials for the preparation of artificial bones and artificial joints.

Alumina Powder Formulations

ACM's production formulations are developed to address the varied application problems in which ceramic components are commonly used. Many industrial applications push the envelope on specific requirements leading to the development of new formulations to successfully address them.

Pure Alumina Powder

Property Unit Standard A998 A96 A9468
Al2O3 Composition weight %   99.80% 95.80% 94%
Bulk Density g/cm3 ASTM 2320 3.89 3.72 2.6
Porosity volume % ASTM D4404 0% 0% 30%
Grain Size micron, μm ASTM E112 4 3 4
Color     Ivory White White
Mechanical Properties
Hardness, Vickers GPa All 5 kg U.O.S. 11.1 10.61 2.3 (1 kg)
4-point Bend MPa ASTM C1161 325 325 119
Strength (MOR)
K1C ksi ASTM C1421 47 6.7 3.7
Thermal Properties
Service No Load 1650 1500 1550
Temperature (in Air) Cond.
Coefficient °C-1 (25-1000°C) ASTM C372 7.5 x 10-6 8.2 x 10-6 8.2 x 10-6
of Thermal
Expansion (CTE)
Thermal W/m·°K ASTM C408 35 25 22.4
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Volts/mil ASTM D149 200 229 210
Dielectric @1MHz @ 20°C ASTM D150 10 9.3 9
Volume Ohm·cm @ 25°C ASTM D1829 >1014 >1014 >1014
Resistivity Ohm·cm @ 300°C ASTM D1829 >1011 >109 >109
  Ohm·cm @ 500°C ASTM D1829 >108 106 >105

Alumina Powder

Properties Unit Fused Alumina Reactive Grade Alumina Ready To Press Alumina (RTP Alumina) Activated Alumina
Al2O3 Content % 95.5 99.8 98 96 94 92 90
Bulk Density g/cm3 3.95 ~600 ~1000 ~600 ~1100 ~900 ~1200 ~1100
Grain Size μm Customized Customized ≈130 ≈170 ≈100 ≈200 customized
Color White White White White
Melting Point 2000
Hardness Mohs 9
Specific Surface Area m2/g 0.2-0.5 3.5-5 2-3 6-9 6-10 200-260

Aluminum Oxide Products

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Advanced Ceramic Materials (ACM) is a leading supplier of alumina ceramic products of the highest quality for a wide range of applications. We are happy to provide advice on materials, design, and application. Feel free to contact us with any questions about Al2O3 or other ceramic materials that are not listed on the website. 


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