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BC3503 Hot-Pressed Grade Boron Carbide B4C

  • Catalog No. BC3503
  • Material B4C
  • Purity 96% min
  • Size Customized

Hot-Pressed Grade Boron Carbide Description

Hot Pressed Grade Boron Carbide is specially sized to aid in the hot pressing of boron carbide ceramic parts. It is typically fine powder with an average particle size of fewer than 10 microns and a specially tailored size distribution.


-High Hardness

-Abrasion / Wear-Resistance

-Fracture Toughness

-Chemical Inertness

-High Neutron Absorbing Cross Section

Hot-Pressed Grade Boron Carbide Specifications

Typical Analysis
B4C 96.17% min.
B2O3 0.50%
Total Boron 76.55% min.
Total Carbon 19.5% min
Free Boron 0.24%
Free Carbon 1.27%
Si 0.15% max
Al 0.05%
Fe 0.20% max
Physical Properties
PH 7
Specific Gravity 2.5
Crystal Structure Rhombohedral
Melting Point 2450 ° C
Hardness 9.25 mohs scale

Hot-Pressed Grade Boron Carbide Applications

-Hot Pressed Ceramic Parts

-Technical Ceramics

-Body and Vehicle Armor

-Wear Parts

Hot-Pressed Grade Boron Carbide Packaging

Our Hot-Pressed Grade Boron Carbide is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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