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BC5101 Customized Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts

  • Catalog No. BC5101
  • Material Boron Carbide (Nuclear Grade)
  • Purity ≥93%
  • Size Customized
  • Density 2.48-2.51 g/cm3
  • Color Black

Customized Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts Description

Customized Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts are made of the highest quality boron carbide material, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to extreme temperatures and harsh environments. With their high neutron absorption capabilities, these products provide enhanced safety and reliability in critical nuclear applications.

Customized Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts Specifications


Boron Carbide (Nuclear Grade)



Density (g/cm3)


Purity (%)


Vickers hardness (kgf/mm²)


Bending strength (MPa)


Elastic Modulus (GPa)


Compressive strength (MPa)


Customized Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts Applications

1. Neutron shielding: Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Part is a very efficient neutron absorber due to the high content of boron-10, which has a high neutron absorption cross-section. Boron carbide parts are used to shield nuclear reactors, storage containers, and other nuclear facilities from neutron radiation.

2. Control rods: Control rods are used in nuclear reactors to control the rate of fission reactions. Boron carbide is often used as a material for control rods due to its high thermal stability and excellent performance in absorbing neutrons.

3. Spent fuel storage: Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts are used in the storage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel. They can be utilized in casks and containers to provide neutron shielding and prevent the release of radiation.

4. Radiation detectors: Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts can be used in radiation detectors, such as neutron detectors. They can help in measuring and monitoring neutron radiation levels accurately.

5. Nuclear waste management: Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts find applications in the management of nuclear waste. They can be used in shielding materials or as coatings to encapsulate radioactive waste to prevent its escape and minimize radiation exposure.

6. Research and development: Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts are also utilized in various research and development applications within the nuclear industry. They are used to construct test setups, experimental equipment, and other components necessary for studying and analyzing nuclear phenomena.

Customized Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts Packaging

Our Customized Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide Parts are carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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