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Cerium Hexaboride (CeB6) Ceramics

Cerium Hexaboride Description

Cerium Hexaboride ProducstCerium Boride, also called Cerium Hexaboride or CeB6, is a refractory ceramic material. It has a low work function and one of the highest electron emissivity known, and is stable in a vacuum. Therefore, the principal use of cerium hexaboride is a coating of hot cathodes, or hot cathodes made of cerium hexaboride crystals. Cerium boride cathode usually operates at a temperature of 1450 °C because it shows a lower evaporation rate at 1427℃ than lanthanum boride, but it becomes equal at 1577℃ and higher above that. 

Cerium Hexaboride Properties

Compound Formula CeB6
Molecular Weight 204.98
Appearance Blue
Melting Point 2550 °C
Modulus of Elasticity 379 GPa
Density 4.80-4.87 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 33.0 – 34.8 W/m-K


Cerium Hexaboride Applications

-Thermionic emission (cathode)
-Plasma source for plasma enhanced coating(PECVD)
-Vacuum electron beam welding machine
-Electron beam surface reforming device
-Electron beam lithography device
-Transmission electron microscope
-Scanning electron microscope
-Surface analysis device
-Radio therapy devices

Cerium Hexaboride Products

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