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Cerium Hexaboride (CeB6) Ceramics

Cerium Hexaboride Description

Cerium Hexaboride ProducstCerium Boride, also called Cerium Hexaboride or CeB6, is a refractory ceramic material. The principal use of cerium hexaboride is a coating of hot cathodes, or hot cathodes made of cerium hexaboride crystals. It usually operates at temperature of 1450 °C.

Cerium hexaboride, like lanthanum hexaboride, slowly evaporates during the cathode operation. In conditions where CeB6 cathodes are operated under 1850 K, CeB6 should maintain its optimum shape longer and therefore last longer. While the process is about 30% slower than with lanthanum boride, the cerium boride deposits are reported to be more difficult to remove.

Cerium Boride Structure

Cerium Boride Structure


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Cerium Hexaboride Applications

Cerium hexaboride (CeB6) are used as coating of some high-current hot cathodes. They are used in electron microscopes, microwave tubes, electron lithography, electron beam welding, X-Ray tubes, and free electron lasers.

Other applications:

-Thermionic emission (cathode)
-Plasma source for plasma enhanced coating(PECVD)
-Vacuum electron beam welding machine
-Electron beam surface reforming device
-Electron beam lithography device
-Transmission electron microscope
-Scanning electron microscope
-Surface analysis device
-Radio therapy devices

Cerium Hexaboride Products

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