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CF2514 Aluminum Silicate Fiber Fabrics

  • Catalog No. CF2514
  • Material Al2SiO5
  • Content Al2O3+SiO2: 99
  • Bulk Density 500~550 kg/m3
  • Working Temperature 450/1000 ℃

Aluminum Silicate Fiber Fabrics Description

Aluminum Silicate Fiber Fabric has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, small heat capacity, good resistance to mechanical vibration, small thermal expansion, and good thermal insulation performance. It can be woven into aluminum silicate fiberboard and other products. It is also a new type of material to replace asbestos, widely used in metallurgy, electric power, machinery, and chemical thermal equipment for heat preservation.

Aluminum Silicate Fiber Fabrics Specifications

Form cloth strip rope twisting rope packings sleeving
Maximum operating temperature °C 1260 1260 1260 1260 1260 1260
Recommended temperature °C 450(Glass Fiber Reinforced Type)1000(Heat Resistant Alloy Wire Reinforced Type)
Loss of ignition%(800°C) 12±2 12±2 12±2 12±2 12±2 8-10
Tensile strength warp76 kgf/5cm >1.2kgf/mm >2.8kgf/mm >1.2kgf/mm >1.2kgf/mm
Thickness mm 2-3 2-3 - - - -
Diameter mm - - 6-50 3-50 5×5-50×50 5-60
internal diameter


Aluminum Silicate Fiber Fabrics Applications

Aluminum Silicate Fiber Fabrics can be applied in the following fields:

- Insulation material for covering

- Interlining and protective clothing for sparks

- Industrial furnace heat insulation, furnace mouth curtain, furnace mouth packing

- Heat insulation of high-temperature pipes and containers, protection of flue linings and fuel pipes

- Engine exhaust pipe wrapping, automotive engine heat shield

- Cable cover and cable tray insulation, high-temperature electrical insulation

- High temperature valve, flange seal


Our Aluminum Silicate Fiber Fabric is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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