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SC3507 Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide Powder

  • Catalog No. SC3507
  • Material SiC
  • Purity 90-99%
  • Size Customized
  • Type Sintered silicon carbide
  • Form Powder

Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide Powder Description

Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide powder is produced by very fine silicon carbide powder and pure silicon carbide powder with non-oxide sintering aids. Sintered Silicon Carbide Powders are specially sized to aid in the manufacturing of sintered ceramic parts. They are typically fine powders with a specially tailored particle size distribution.

Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide Powder Advantages

-High Hardness

-Chemical Inertness

-High Thermal Conductivity

-Abrasion Resistance

-Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

-Thermal Shock Resistance

-Strength at High-Temperature Ranges

Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide Powder Specification

Typical Chemical and Physical Analysis
? % Free SiO2 % Free Si % Free C % Total Oxygen S.S.A. M2/g pH
FCP 10C 0,60 0,05 0,20 0,20 10 m2/g 6-7
FCP 13 1,50 0,50 0,30 1,75 13 m2/g 7-8
FCP 13C 0,70 0,05 0,15 0,75 13 m2/g 6-7
FCP 15 1,20 0,10 0,20 1,10 15 m2/g. 6-7
FCP 15C 0,75 0,05 0,20 0,85 15 m2/g 6-7
Analytic Procedure ASNI B 74, 15 1986 LECO Bet Quantachrome 25 Gr. SiC +50 Ml D1 H2O

Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide Powder Applications

-Technical Ceramic Parts

-Sintered Parts

-Reaction-Bonded Ceramic Parts


-Heat Transfer / Thermal Management

-High Temp Sensors

-Ceramic Wear Parts

Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide Powder Packaging

Our Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide Powder is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.



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