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GR0976 Silicon Carbide Coated Graphite Trays

  • Catalog No. GR0976
  • Molecular Formula SiC
  • Molecular Weight 40.1
  • Appearance Black
  • Melting Point 2,730° C (4,946° F) (decomposes)
  • Density 3.0 to 3.2 g/cm3
  • Material Graphite, with CVD SiC coating
  • Purity >99.99% for SiC coating
  • Surface Zero porosity
  • Coating thickness 50~500um

Silicon Carbide Coated Graphite Trays Description

CVD process delivers extremely high purity and theoretical density of SiC coating with no porosity. What’s more, as silicon carbide is very hard, it can be polished to a mirror-like surface. CVD silicon carbide (SiC) coating delivered several advantages including ultra-high purity surface and extreme wear durability. As coated products have great performance in high vacuum and high temperature circumstance, they are ideal for applications in the semiconductor industry and other ultra-clean environments. We also provide pyrolytic graphite (PG) products.

Silicon Carbide Coated Graphite Trays Applications

-CVD silicon carbide coating has been applied in semiconductor industries already, such as MOCVD trays, RTP, and oxide etching chambers since silicon nitride has great thermal shock resistance and can withstand high energy plasma.
-Silicon carbide is widely used in semiconductors and coating.

Packing Service

ACM’s Silicon Carbide Coated Graphite Trays are carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.


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