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SC3991 Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide Plate

Catalog No. SC3991
Material SiC
Purity 93%
Density >2.6 g/cm3
Size Customized

Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide Plate Descriptions

Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide PlateOxide bonded silicon carbide plate uses silicon carbide as raw material, adding expansion agent and antioxidant. It effectively improves the load softening temperature of products and improves the anti-oxidation effect. It is sintered at high temperatures with a SiO2 differential temperature combination.

Oxide bonded silicon carbide has good thermal conductivity, high thermal stability, no deformation, no softening, no loose expansion under high temperature for a long time. It can maintain the inherent thermal conductivity of silicon carbide. It can also save energy, increase output, and improve economic benefits.

Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide Plate Specifications

Item Unit Typical Values
Apparent Porosity % ≤16.0
Bulk Density  g/cm³ ≥2.6
Compressive Strength at Room Temperature MPa ≥180.0
Bending Strength at Room Temperature MPa ≥45.0
Bending Strength at 1400℃ MPa ≥55.0
Thermal Conductivity at 650℃ W/m•k 28.0
Thermal Conductivity at 1000℃ W/m•k 26.0
Thermal Diffusivity at 650℃ ㎝²/s 0.064
Thermal Diffusivity at 1000℃ ㎝²/s 0.053
Linear Expansion α30-1000 4.02 x 10-6(k-1)
Linear Expansion α30-1100 4.06 x 10-6(k-1)

Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide Plate Features

-Good thermal conductivity

-High thermal stability

-No deformation

-No softening

-No loose expansion under high temperature

Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide Plate Applications

Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide is suitable for all kinds of building ceramic kilns, daily ceramic kilns, sanitary ceramic kilns, grinding wheel kilns, smoke separator plates, push plates, shed plates, and brackets. It is used in coal-burning gas, fuel oil, and other industrial kilns. It can also be used as lining material and metallurgical industry tank material.

Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide Plate Packaging

Our Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide Plate is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original


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