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Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramics

Aluminum Nitride Description

aluminum nitride ceramics

Aluminum nitride is a refractory compound ceramic material with a hexagonal wurtzite structure. Pure aluminum nitride has a blue-white color, and aluminum nitride ceramics are usually gray or white.

Aluminum nitride is stable at high temperatures in inert atmospheres and melts at 2800 °C. It has high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation properties, as well as low dielectric constant and dielectric loss. This combination of properties makes it a key advanced material for many applications in optics, lighting, electronics and renewable energy. 

aluminum nitride structure -1Aluminum Nitride Structure

Aluminum nitride has a hexagonal crystal structure and is a covalently bonded material. Common methods for preparing aluminum nitride include direct nitridation, carbothermal reduction, high-energy ball milling, high-temperature self-propagating synthesis, chemical vapor deposition, and the like.

 Aluminum Nitride Specification

CAS#: 24304-00-5, MF: AlN, MW: 40.99
Item No. Description Purity Lot Size
Al07-3N Aluminum Nitride Powder
Particle Size: Customize
N>33%; O<0.1%; C<0.01%; Fe<0.015%

 Aluminum Nitride Advantages

* Very high thermal conductivity (> 170 W/mK)
* High electrical insulation capacity (>1.1012Ωcm)
* Strength according to the double ring method >320 MPa (biaxial strength)
* Low thermal expansion 4 to 6×10-6K-1(between 20 and 1000°C)
* Good metallization capacity

Aluminum Nitride Applications

* Opto-electronics;
* Dielectric layers in optical storage media;
* Electronic substrates, chip carriers where high thermal conductivity is essential;
* Military applications.

Aluminum Nitride Products

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