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What Is the Biomorphic Silicon Carbide Ceramics?


Biomorphic silicon carbide ceramic material is a new type of ceramic material that is based on natural renewable resources, such as coconut shells, straw shells, straw, wood, and wood-based material, through organic and inorganic transformation. The material has a biological structure and unique properties.

Wood-Based SiC Ceramics

Most cells and tissues that makeup wood are arranged in the axial direction, and wood rays are arranged in the radial direction, leading to good anisotropy. The porous structure of biomorphic material makes it have a good strong weight ratio and permeability. Wood with a density range of 0.30-0.80g/cm3, wood composites, and wood residues can be used to prepare SiC ceramics.

Production of Biomorphic Ceramics

The laboratory preparation technology for biomorphic ceramics is in full bloom, but few reports on industrial production exist due to a lack of cost advantage for large-scale production. However, external factors, such as stricter environmental regulations and people's increasing desire for environmental friendliness, may change this in the future.

The Potential of Biomimetic Ceramics

Biomorphic SiC ceramics is a kind of structural ceramic material with superior properties such as high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, and erosion resistance. It can withstand harsh working environments that metal and macromolecular materials cannot.

As an environmental material, biomorphic ceramics slow down the ecological environment deterioration and reuse of waste materials. Its unique bionic material characteristics make full use of the pore structure of biomorphic material itself, allowing multi-porosity, reasonable mechanical characteristics, and cost-effective production.

Moreover, as a new carbon material combining environmental protection and functionality, biomorphic silicon carbide ceramics will have great potential with the continuous optimization of genetic engineering or wood breeding technology.


Biomorphic silicon carbide ceramics are unique in their properties, preparation, and application, with a potential way to design new porous ceramics. Advanced Ceramic Materials (ACM) supplies high-quality silicon carbide ceramics to meet customers' R&D and production needs.

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