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What are the Uses of Alumina Ceramic Substrate in the Automobile Industry?

Alumina ceramic substrate has excellent comprehensive performance and is an important material in the automobile industry. It is more and more widely used in automobiles, which is of great value to improve the performance of automobiles and reduce fuel consumption and exhaust pollution.

With the development of technology, more and more new materials and technologies are adopted in the research and production stage of automobiles, which makes it possible to meet the requirements of lightweight, low-cost, intelligent, economy and reliability of automobiles. For the use of new materials, the alumina ceramic substrate is one of the best functional materials.

Alumina Ceramic Substrate

Application in the automobile engine

Alumina ceramic substrate can withstand temperatures of more than 1000 degrees Celsius, which promotes the development of new uses for automobiles. For example, alumina ceramics is indispensable material to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel engines by more than 30%. Today, about 78% of the energy burned in gasoline engines is lost in heat and heat transfer. The thermal efficiency of the diesel engine is 33%, which is superior to the gasoline engine, but more than 60% of the heat energy is lost. To reduce this loss, a ceramic material with good thermal insulation is used to insulate the combustion chamber, and then the exhaust energy is recovered by using the exhaust turbocharger and the power turbine. Experiments have shown that this can increase thermal efficiency to 48%. Meanwhile, it is possible to start the diesel engine rapidly in a moment due to the application of alumina ceramic substrate.

Application in the automotive sensors

The requirement of an automobile sensor is that it can be applied to the bad environment of the automobile for a long time and it should also have the characteristics of being small lightweight, good reusability, and wide output range. Alumina ceramic substrate has the advantages of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and potential fine electromagnetic and optical functions, which have been fully utilized with the development of manufacturing technology in recent years. In fact, the sensor made of alumina ceramic can meet the above requirements.

Application in the automotive shock absorbers

The vibration-damping device of the high-class car is an intelligent shock absorber developed by synthesizing the positive piezoelectric effect, inverse piezoelectric effect, and electrostrictive effect of alumina ceramics. Due to the use of high-sensitivity alumina ceramic components, the shock absorber has the function of identifying the road surface and is self-regulating and can minimize the vibration caused by the rough road surface.

In a word, alumina ceramic substrate is a kind of ceramic material product under continuous development, but there are still many problems to be solved in the aspects of raw material preparation, material evaluation, and utilization technology.

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