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Use Guide of Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible

Pyrolytic boron nitride crucible (PBN crucible), as its name suggests, is a vessel or a melting tank made of pyrolytic boron nitride, a type of refractory material.

PBN crucible is a deep-bottomed bowl container that can withstand higher temperatures than glassware and other common crucibles to heat solids (especially high melting point materials). When PBN crucible is used, the lid is usually placed diagonally on the crucible to prevent the heated material from jumping out and allowing air to enter and exit freely for possible oxidation reactions. Since the bottom of the crucible is usually small, it is generally required to be placed on the mud triangle to heat directly with fire. It can be placed on the iron tripod with positive or vertical tilting. It can be placed according to the needs of the experiment. After heating, do not immediately place it on a cold metal table to prevent it from rupturing due to rapid cooling. Also, do not immediately place on a wooden tabletop to avoid scalding the tabletop or causing a fire. The correct way to do this is to leave it on the iron tripod and cool it down, or place it on an asbestos net to cool it slowly. Please use the crucible tongs.

The main uses of the PBN Crucible
(1) Evaporation, concentration or crystallization of the solution
(2) Burning solid matter

Precautions for use
(1) It can be directly heated, cannot be quenched after heating, and removed with a forceps
(2) Placed on an iron tripod when heated
(3) Stirring during evaporation; drying with waste heat when steaming

pbn crucible uses

After talking about PBN crucibles, let's take a look at other crucibles. Crucibles can be roughly divided into three categories: graphite crucible, clay crucible and metal crucible. Among the graphite crucibles, there are three kinds of general-purpose graphite crucibles, heterogeneous graphite crucibles and high-purity graphite crucibles. Various types of graphite crucibles differ in terms of properties, uses, and conditions of use, as well as raw materials, production methods, process technologies, and product model specifications. The main raw material of graphite crucible is crystalline natural graphite. Therefore, it maintains the various physical and chemical properties of the natural graphite such as good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. During high temperature use, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and it has certain strain resistance to rapid heat and rapid cooling. It has strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkaline solution and has excellent chemical stability.

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