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Ceramic Materials Used in Our Daily Life (With Video)

Ceramic materials are inorganic nonmetallic materials made from aggregates of a metal and a nonmetal. They are formed by heating in subsequent cooling. Ceramic materials tend to be soft, stiff, brittle, chemically inert, and non-conductors of heat and electricity. But the properties of different ceramic materials vary widely. As for some advanced ceramics, such as boron nitride, silicon carbide and boron carbide, they have high hardness and good electrothermal performance. Many different ceramic materials are now used in domestic industrial and building products. Here are some examples. Until the 1950s, the most popular ceramic materials were pottery, bricks, tiles, cement, and, glass. A composite material of ceramic and metal is known as cerumen. A portion is used for a wide range of household and industrial products. Titanium carbide advanced ceramic material is used in Space Shuttle re-entry shields and scratch-proof watches. Earthenware is used for domestic household objects, such as plates and mugs. For more information, please visit



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