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ZR3893 Zircon Sand

  • Catalog No. ZR3893
  • Material ZrO2, SiO2
  • Purity 98% min (ZrO2 66%, SiO2 32%)
  • Shape Particle
  • Size 0.1-1mm irregular

Zircon Sand Descriptions

Zircon sand, this glassy mineral has found its place in many industrial applications worldwide, starting from ceramics and refractory tiles to a range of high-tech applications. Zircon compounds have very low toxicity and are not perceived as a potential environmental hazard. They are even said to have some medicinal properties and are now increasingly preferred in the manufacture of food products and pharmaceuticals too.

Zircon's exceptional qualities of hardness and durability make it a must-use for the manufacture of ceramics and refractory tiles and also for a range of other high-tech applications such as armor plating on military aircraft, heat shields in space shuttles, and potentially as solid oxide fuel cells in hydrogen-powered vehicles in many industrial and chemical applications.

Zircon Sand Specifications

Physical Data
Specific Gravity 4.5 – 4.7
Bulk Density 2.8 Kg/Ltr.
Angle of Repose 28 – 32 deg
Hardness (Moh’s) 7.5
Specific Activity (calculated) U + Th 3.75 Bq/g
Purity 98% min

Zircon Sand Typical Chemical Composition

Content Value wt%
ZrO2+HfO2 66.1-66.9
Fe2O3 0.04-0.07
TiO2 0.12-0.15
SiO2 32.3-32.7
Al2O3 0.35-0.60
P 0.04-0.05
U 220-260ppm
Th 140-220ppm
Free Silica as Quartz < 0.05

Zircon Sand Applications

Ceramic Industries-Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Roofing Tiles;

Sanitary Ware Industries;

Pottery Industries-Porcelain Glazes. Frit for Glaze and Enamels;

Ceramic Color Industries-Admixture for Glass, Opal Glass;

Picture Tube Industries;

Investment Casting Industries-Special Refractories, castable Refractories;

Special Paints Industries etc.

Zircon Sand Packaging

Our Zircon Sand is transported in sacks or big bags that are properly closed, or in covered dumper trucks to prevent the material from leaking out.

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