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SC3506 Ready to Press Silicon Carbide Powder

Catalog No. SC3506
Material SiC
Purity 90-99%
Size Customized

Ready to Press Silicon Carbide Powder Description

Ready to Press Silicon Carbide PowderReady to Press Silicon Carbide Powders are specially formulated powder products that aid in the manufacturing of pressed ceramic parts. The RTP powders are fine powders combined with a binding agent to facilitate the pressing of green parts. The RTP products are typically graded by their specific surface areas.


-High Hardness

-Chemical Inertness

-High Thermal Conductivity

-Abrasion Resistance

-Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

-Thermal Shock Resistance

-Strength at High Temperature Ranges

Ready to Press Silicon Carbide Powder Specifications

Ready to Press 13 m2/G Ready to Press 15 m2/G
Granule Size (µm) Max 250 250
Average 100 100
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0,75 0,78
Flowability “Hall" (Sec/25gr) 55 50
Appearance Dark Color Light Color
Green Density (g/cm3) 125 MPa 1,82 g/cm3 1,80 g/cm3
175 MPa 1,85 g/cm3 1,85 g/cm3
225 MPa 1,89 g/cm3 1,88 g/cm3

Ready to Press Silicon Carbide Powder Applications

-Technical Ceramic Parts

-Sintered Parts


-Heat Transfer / Thermal Management

-High Temp Sensors

-Ceramic Wear Parts

Ready to Press Silicon Carbide Powder Packaging

Our Ready to Press Silicon Carbide Powder is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


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