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CM3902 Corundum-Mullite Ceramic Honeycomb

  • Catalog No. CM3902
  • Material Al2O3,SiO2
  • CPSI 100,200,300,400
  • Shape Round, square, customized
  • Size 50mm,100mm,150mm,200mm,300mm

Corundum-Mullite Ceramic Honeycomb Descriptions

Corundum-Mullite Ceramic Honeycomb is a high alumina refractory product composed of corundum and mullite main crystal phase. The existence of low melting point oxide impurities will reduce its high-temperature performance. Using industrial alumina powder and pure clay, bauxite, or silica as raw materials synthesis of pure mullite raw materials, especially alkali metal oxide content should be as low as possible. The products made of mullite grain as an aggregate have good thermal shock resistance but poor erosion resistance, while the products made of corundum sand as an aggregate have good corrosion resistance but poor thermal shock resistance.

Corundum-Mullite Ceramic Honeycomb Specifications

Physical Data
Property Unit Value
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/K-1 <7
Specific Heat Capacity J/Kg.K 900-1000
Operating Temperature <1500

Corundum-Mullite Ceramic Honeycomb Typical Chemical Composition

Content Value wt%
SiO2 20-32
Al2O3 65-73
MgO -
K2O+Na2O <1.0
Fe2O3 <1.5

Corundum-Mullite Ceramic Honeycomb Applications

-Catalyst support

Honeycomb ceramics are used as catalyst carriers, mainly used in automobile exhaust purification, boiler exhaust denitrification (NOx), industrial exhaust deodorization, and the removal of toxic and harmful gases.

The carrier of cordierite honeycomb ceramic catalyst used for automobile exhaust purification is mainly cordierite honeycomb ceramic carrier covered with γ -Al2O3.

-Refractory kiln furniture

The mass of extruded honeycomb ceramic kiln ware is 60%-75% lighter than that of traditional kiln ware, and the heat transfer is rapid, which can realize rapid firing. When using it to burn ferrite or other electronic ceramics, it is beneficial to improve the performance of products.

-Wall flow filter

Honeycomb ceramic with porous thin walls can filter and purify carbon particles in diesel gas exhaust.

Corundum-Mullite Ceramic Honeycomb Packaging

ACM's Corundum-Mullite Ceramic Honeycomb is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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