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OX1682 Cordierite Powder (2MgO·2Al2O3·5SiO2)

  • Catalog No. OX1682
  • Bulk Density 0.42 g/cm3
  • Melting Point ~1179- 1471 °C
  • Spec. Gravity ~2.3
  • Molecular Weight 595 g/mol

Cordierite Powder Description

Cordierite Powder is made from talc mixed with clay and aluminum oxide. There are no known large deposits of natural cordierite. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, high mechanical strength, low density, and low dielectric loss.
1) Chemical Name: Magnesium-alumina silicate / Magnesium iron aluminum cyclosilicate
2) Chemical Formula: (Mg, Fe)2Al4Si5O18
Cordierite Powder Theoretical Analysis: MgO= 13.8%, Al2O3= 34.8% and SiO2= 51.4%

Cordierite Powder Synonyms

Magnesium aluminosilicate, dichroite, iolite, cordierite, cordierite powder, magnesium alumina silicate, aluminum magnesium silicate, CAS# 1302-88-1
Physical Properties
1) Crushed and sized grain or powder
2) Standard Granulations Available
a) APS= 6 to 7 microns
b) 80% finer than 45 microns
c) Custom granulations for large-volume users

Cordierite Powder Specifications

Molecular Weight (g/mol.) 595
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.42
Thermal conductivity (cal/s-cm-°C) 0.002
Melting Point (°C) ~1179- 1471
Specific Gravity (g/cu m) ~2.3
Specific heat @25°C (cal/g-°C) 0.35
Color ?tan
Mohs Hardness 7
Water Absorption % at room temperature ?0.02 to 3.2
Thermal Expansion (in/in°C (20deg. C-700 deg.C) 2.3 X10-6
Specific Gravity 2.6- 2.7
Crystallography orthorhombic

Cordierite Powder Classification

Cordierite Powder TSCA (SARA Title III) Status
Cordierite Powder CAS Numbers: CAS# 1302-88-1 (alumina magnesium silicate) plus 1302-93-8 (mullite) plus 1302-87-8 (spinel)

Cordierite Powder Typical Applications

Cordierite Powder is used to manufacture kiln furniture, molded honeycomb-like catalyst supports in auto emission reduction devices, thick films, porous ceramics, feed-thru insulators, vitrified ceramics, high-frequency insulators, high-performance resistors, special furnace shapes, heating element supports, exhaust catalyst supports, burner tubes, refractory setters, and substrates.
Cordierite is not a very common mineral but is important as a component of glass-ceramic materials used in applications where the material must have minimal thermal expansion (eg cooker hobs).

Cordierite Powder Packaging

Bags, drums, and bulk bags

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