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AC3493 Bubble Alumina Tube

Catalog No. AC3493
Material Al2O3
Purity >99%
Bulk Density 0.96g/cc


Bubble Alumina Tube Description

Bubble Alumina TubeBubble Alumina is a rigid, low-density, insulating refractory. Bubble Alumina’s structure consists primarily of closed air-filled thin-walled cells which combine to give it exceptional hot strength and low thermal conductivity. This makes Bubble Alumina an effective high-temperature thermal insulator in structural applications. It is appropriate for use at temperatures as high as 1825℃. It is pre-fired, contains no organics, and exhibits high microwave and RF transparency. Its high alumina content makes it compatible with many extreme chemical environments.

Bubble Alumina Tube Specifications

Color White
Composition (Al2O3), % 99+
Bulk Density, g/cc 0.96
Cold Crush Strength, Mpa (psi) 11 (1600)
Shrinkage, % Average of Length & width
4 hr. at 1750℃ 0.19
4 hr. at 1800℃ 1.77
Specific Heat, Btu/lb ℉(J/kg·K) 0.27


Bubble Alumina Tube Applications

* Structural hot face refractory in high-temperature furnaces and thermal process systems with temperatures to 1825℃.

* Backup insulation in crystal growth furnaces with temperatures in excess of 2000℃.

* Low-mass kiln furniture.

* High-temperature load-bearing insulation.


Our Bubble Alumina Tube is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


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