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AC3938 Alumina Dry Grinding Ball

  • Catalog No. AC3938
  • Material Al2O3
  • Purity 60-99%
  • Color White
  • Size 3-90 mm

Alumina Dry Grinding Ball Descriptions

Alumina Dry Grinding Balls are abrasive media for faster grinding and precise and deep processing of ceramic raw materials and glaze materials. They're built by isostatic pressure molding, with the purpose of making the grinding process more efficient. To achieve that, they're designed to diminish the loss of grinding media in fine crushing machines (such as ball mills, can-type mills, and vibration mills), surpassing common ball stones and natural cobblestones by far.

Alumina Dry Grinding Ball Specifications

Al2O3(%) >75 >92 >95
Bulk Density (g/cm3) >3.20 >3.60 >3.65
Hardness (mohs) 7.5 9 9
Wear Loss(%) <0.015 <0.015 <0.012
Size 3-90mm (or customized)

Alumina Dry Grinding Ball Features

This is high-quality alumina grinding ball product that's lighter than steel balls, and at the same time, much harder than them (Rockwell hardness for normal alumina balls is as high as 78). Alumina balls is a small, non-magnetic electrical insulator that easily overcomes heat (up to 1000°C), acid, alkali, corrosion, abrasion, rust, and unlubricated rolls. In addition, alumina balls keep the ball mills from harm by elevating their utilizable volume, which extends their lifespan considerably.

Alumina Dry Grinding Ball Applications

Alumina grinding balls are widely used in the grinding and processing of raw materials in industries such as white cement, minerals, ceramics, electronic materials, magnetics materials, and coatings and paints. Alumina ball is a high-quality grinding medium. In the building ceramic industry, the wear efficiency of alumina ceramic grinding balls is higher than that of natural flint and pebbles.

Alumina Dry Grinding Ball Packaging

ACM's Alumina Dry Grinding Ball is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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