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CM3232 Alumina Based Tubular Ceramic Membrane Al2O3

  • Catalog No. CM3232
  • Material Substrate: Al2O3; Membrane: Al2O3, ZrO2, TiO2
  • Pore Size 0.8um, 0.2um, 100nm, 50nm, 20nm, or customized
  • Number of Channels 1, 4, 7, 9, 19, 37, etc.

Alumina Based Tubular Ceramic Membrane Description

Alumina Based Tubular Ceramic Membrane is porous precise ceramic filter material that is made by special technology from the materials of Alumina, Titania, Zirconia, etc. Its filter precision covers microfiltration (0.05μm-1.5μm), ultrafiltration (0.01μm-0.05μm), even nanofiltration (<1nm). Ceramic membrane filtration is a fluid separation process of cross-flow filtration. Driven by pressure, raw material liquid runs fast in the membrane tube, the clear liquid contains molecular fractions outward through the membrane, and concentrate liquor contains macromolecular components retained by a membrane, thus the fluid achieves separation, concentration, and purification.

Alumina-Based Tubular Ceramic Membrane Specifications

Technical Data
Substrate?Material Al2O3
Pore Size 0.8um, 0.2um, 100nm, 50nm, 20nm, or customized
Length of elements max. 1200 mm
Burst pressure

φ25mm Tubes≥4Mpa

φ30mm Tubes≥6Mpa

φ40mm Tubes≥8Mpa

Structure symmetric, coatings are possible
Configuration multiple options
Temperature resistance in air up to 350 °C
pH stability 0-14*
Operating pressure ≤1Mpa
Organic Solvents Insensitive


Type Channels Numbers Length(mm) Channels Diameters(mm) Membrane Areas(m2) Design
TCM-1 1 1016 7.0 0.02
TCM-7A 7 1016 6.0 0.158
TCM-7B 7 1178 6.0 0.20
TCM-19A 19 1016 4.0 0.24
TCM-19B 19 1178 3.3 0.23
TCM-19C 19 1000 6.0 0.358
TCM-37A 37 1200 2.0 0.30
TCM-37B 37 1000 3.6 0.418


Alumina-Based Tubular Ceramic Membrane Applications

Alumina Based Tubular Ceramic Membrane can be applied in the following fields:

- Filtration of fermentation broth of amino acids (like lysine, threonine), organic acid (like lactic acid, succinic acid), etc.

- The concentration of reducing gel, etc.

- Clarification & Filtration of food & beverages (like fruit juice, and plant extracts)


Our Alumina Based Tubular Ceramic Membrane is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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