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Ceramic Oxides & Non-Oxides Products

Refractory Ceramics

Various non-standard ceramic materials are available according to your requirements. Many of our products are a refractory type, as they are porous and ideally suited for applications exhibiting rapid heat cycling, including ceramic foams, furnace sleeves, and saggers.

High-quality Ceramic Materials

Advanced Ceramic Materials (ACM) supplies high-quality ceramic materials to meet our customers' R&D and production needs. By frequently visiting these manufacturers and understanding their production, quality control, administration


and management sections, we have carried out faithful cooperation over the years and built profound working partnerships with our customers. As such, we are confident that ACM will be your favorite precise ceramics supplier and business partner.

Oxide & Non-oxide Ceramic Materials

ACM can produce ceramic parts from virtually any ceramic powder. Also, we provide non-oxide materials. As with the refractory ceramics (above), ceramic materials are available to solve the challenge of future ceramic applications.



·         Alumina ·         Cordierite ·         Aluminum Nitride ·         Lanthanum Boride
·         Magnesia ·         Zirconia ·         Aluminum Silicate ·         Silicate Ceramic
·         Mullite ·         Boron Carbide ·         Silicon Nitride
·         Boron Nitride  ·         Silicon Carbide
·         Cerium Boride

Ceramic Materials We Offer


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