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The Application of Zirconia Ceramics in Oral Medicine Field

Zirconia ceramics now is popular in the field of dental had tissue repaired because of its dense texture, abrasion resistance, smooth surface, good biocompatibility and chemical stability.

Due to the increase of beautiful demand and consideration of the material toxicity and allergic reaction, the application of the whole porcelain crown is on the rise in recent years. Dental zirconia powder granulation is known as the toughness ceramic since it has stress induced phase transformation. Also, it’s a new type of all-ceramic material superior to alumina ceramic with high strength and good biocompatibility. Zirconia is dedicated to dental ceramics with its good permeability, high transparency and strong jade- feel, which can make white, bright, and clean, and high hardness teeth, so that it become extremely popular products on the market.

The characteristics of zirconia ceramics as dental materials

The aesthetic performance

As is known to all, repairing dental implants is not only focus on the restore function but also its aesthetic effect, when the dental implant is titanium, there will produce more or less the shadow or gray on the surface of the implant lip gum, which affects its aesthetic effect. At present, zirconia ceramics material can reproduce the natural tooth shape, maximum color and luster of artificial materials.

Mechanical properties

Influenced by the mechanical behavior of dental ceramics because of its micro-structure and chemical composition, zirconia ceramics has a better mechanical performance as dental ceramic.

Chemical stability

Due to its stable chemical performance, zirconia ceramics can resist body fluids under the normal physiological metabolism without metamorphism, so the coating can be used for metal implant materials.


The porous skeleton made by zirconia used for bone substitute material can withstand the load, on which surface layer overlies hydroxylapatite to promote bone conductibility and enhance the role of bioactive materials.


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