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How to Use Ceramic Plunger And Ceramic Cylinder for Petroleum Machinery

Ceramic plunger is used for petroleum machinery, comprising a connecting end of the plunger body, the inside of the plunger body as the core body made of metal material, the outside of the core is coated with a ceramic material shell; sealing layer is arranged in the end of contact surface between the core and shell; the plunger body is provided with a plugging head. Adopting the technical scheme, is coated with the ceramic material made of the plunger in external metal core body, its wear resistance can exceed 5-10 times of a metal plunger, and corrosion resistance of ceramic solves the corrosion problem of the plunger, greatly prolong the service life of the plunger, the plunger pump can ensure normal operation in any harsh working environment. A plugging head is arranged at the end of the plunger body, the strength of the plunger is increased, and the combination between the two is more compact.

High pressure is an important part of oil drilling equipment, the main work is the mud pressurization and transported to the underground, the cooling and lubrication of the drill bit, conveying rock chipping and so on, the work efficiency to a great extent influence the drilling progress.

It is the main consumption of cylinder parts, its service life directly affects the use efficiency, frequent replacement not only consumes a lot of manpower and financial resources, reduce drilling efficiency, but also indirectly increase the cost of transportation and storage pump accessories. At present, many metal cylinder liners (including single metal and double metal cylinder liners) have some problems, such as unsatisfactory service life and frequent replacement.
Master the introduction of advanced technology, research and development of the engineering ceramic material instead of metal materials, manufacture of metal ceramic composite cylinder products. Zirconia / alumina ceramic material has excellent properties such as high hardness, high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It has solved a series of problems of metal cylinder liner. The ceramic cylinder has the following advantages:
1, long service life. Under the same conditions, the service life of the cylinder is more than 8 times.
2, the machining accuracy is high, the piston service life to a certain extent.
3, the worse drilling conditions are, the more obvious advantages are.
4, greatly reduce the cost of transportation and storage crew in the production process, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
5, ceramic materials are not rust, corrosion resistance effect is obvious.
ACM has strong technical force, can produce a variety of pump type and size of ceramic cylinder liner, a variety of geophysical industry, small ceramic cylinder has also been widely used. We can also design and produce special size ceramic cylinder sleeve according to customer drawings or requirements.

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