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LE0113 Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Set

Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Set Properties

Catalog No. LE0113
Material 94.9% ZrO2 + 5.1%Y2O3

Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Set Description

Zirconia Mortar and PestleZirconia‘s high density, low porosity, inertness, toughness and super hardness make it the perfect material for making zirconia mortars and pestle set.

Being approximately 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, zirconia mortar and pestle set is able to grind materials too hard for agate, alumina, and porcelain. Our high wear-resistant mortar and pestle effectively eliminate product contamination and is chemically inert to all acids.

These special features make zirconia the most versatile and best-suited mortar and pestle material for sensitive biological and other critical applications requiring ultra-low contamination and acid resistance.

Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Set Products

Item No. (OD x ID x Depth, mm) US$
YSZ-M060 Zirconia Mortar 60 x 50 x 20 w/ Pestle send us inquiry
YSZ-M080 Zirconia Mortar 80 x 65 x 30 w/ Pestle send us inquiry
YSZ-M100 Zirconia Mortar100x 80 x 37 w/ Pestle send us inquiry
YSZ-P133 Replacement Zirconia Pestle send us inquiry


Packing Service

ACM’s Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Set is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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Advanced Ceramic Materials (ACM) is a certified zirconia supplier. Our product quality is high and our price is competitive. Send us an inquiry for Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Set.



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Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Sets
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by Colin S. Martin on Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Sets
Superb Mortar and Pestle Set!

Great product!! Understand that you must SEASON this mortar and pestle sets before you can use it. Follow the instructions. I would add as an extra seasoning step before the rice put about a cup or two of warm water in the mortar and grind the pestle directly against it. Do the entire interior surface and make sure it is always wet. The water will cloud up and you will have a fine slurry in the bottom that will aid in seasoning. Do this for about an hour or until the interior of the mortar starts to feel smooth. Then rinse it out thoroughly and move on to Step 2 with the rice. I used about 1/4 cup and pulverized it to the consistency of flour. It took me about 10 minutes.
After the mortar and pestle are properly seasoned it will perform perfectly. Very happy with mine. Highly recommended.

by Gloria Edwards on Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Sets
Very pleasantly surprised!

I was surprised by the quality of this Zirconia Mortar and Pestle Sets. Nice, heavy weight that it won't slide around on the counter. It's beautiful. I've already heard from the manufacturer asking if it arrived in good condition and if not, they will do everything they can to make it right. They also said they would check back later to see how we like using it. I'm very impressed by the contact and the item. I would highly recommend this item to anyone.