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AC3492 Submicron Alumina

Catalog No. AC3492
Material Al2O3
Purity 99-99.8%
Size Customized

Submicron Alumina Description

Submicron AluminaSubmicron Alumina is milled and classified with precision to reduce the potential of crystal agglomeration. Sub-micron alumina is applied to buffing and polishing compounds. Other applications include pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


-High Hardness

-High Compression Strength

-Abrasion/ Wear-Resistance

-Chemical Inertness

-High Degree of Refractoriness

-Superior Electrical Insulating Properties

-Dielectric Properties

-High Melting Point

-Resistance to Thermal Shock

Submicron Alumina Specifications

Typical Analysis

Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 Na2O CaO MgO
99.70% 0.01% 0.03% <0.025% <0.01% <0.01%


Hardness Mohs – 9 Knoops 2000
PH 8.0-9.5
Specific Gravity 3.9 g/cc

Submicron Alumina Applications


-Structural Ceramics

-Technical Ceramics

-Body and Vehicle Armor




Submicron Alumina Packaging

Our Submicron Alumina is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


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