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GR1969 3D Graphene Foam

Catalog No. GR1969
Pore Size 580 microns
Thickness 1.2 mm

3D Graphene Foam Description

Graphene FoamThe 3D graphene foam is grown conformably onto nickel or cooper foam by the CVD process. The 3D graphene has the characteristics of large surface area, good electrical conductivity, and lightweight. It also keeps most of two-dimensional graphene’s properties. CVD processing of graphene foam provides a new material choice of battery and sensor.

The 3D graphene foam can be used as a battery material and chemical sensor material. Advanced Ceramic Materials (ACM) provides different material of metal foams with high quality and competitive price.

 3D Graphene Foam Specifications 

Material Graphene
Sample size 25mm*25 mm
Thickness 1.2 mm
Pore Size 580 microns
Areal density 320 g/m2
Type Copper foam (monolayer), Nickel foam (multilayer), freestanding (multilayer)



XDR of graphene foam

3D Graphene Foam Applications

Electrochemical energy storage devices:

– Supercapacitor
– Lithium-Ion Battery
– Aluminum battery
– Sodium batteries

Sensor applications:

– Chemical sensor
– Gas sensor


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