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Silicon nitride

Common Materials and Properties of Industrial Ceramics

Aluminum oxide Pottery is a porous and opaque ceramic variety. Unlike vitrified translucent porcelain, it requires glazing to make it

Tool Ceramics

An Overview of the Advanced Ceramic Materials

Advanced ceramic materials can be divided into structural ceramics, tool ceramics, and functional ceramics according to their different uses. Structural

Cutting Tool

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Cutting Tools used in Machining Superhard Materials

With the development of modern manufacturing technology, traditional carbide cutting tools have been unable to meet the production needs of

Diatomaceous soil foam material

What is the Foam Ceramic?

The development of foamed ceramics began in the 1970s as a kind of porous material with high-temperature properties. The pores

Zirconium Tungstate

A New Generation of Structural Ceramics: Zirconium Tungstate

In the past few years, structural ceramics have maintained a strong and sustained growth, which is not only due to

types of silicon nitride

What Are the Types of Silicon Nitride Ceramics?

4 Types of Silicon Nitride Ceramics Silicon nitride ceramic is a range of advanced engineering ceramic characterized by high strength,

Ceramic Material

What are the Types and applications of ceramics

Ceramics greatly differ in their basic composition. The properties of ceramic materials also vary greatly due to differences in bonding,