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Zirconium Tungstate

A New Generation of Structural Ceramics: Zirconium Tungstate

In the past few years, structural ceramics have maintained a strong and sustained growth, which is not only due to

Structural Ceramics

How are Structural Ceramics used in Modern Industries?

Structural ceramics are characterized by superior strength, hardness, insulation, heat conduction, high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and

Aluminum nitride

What are Special Structure Ceramics?

Ceramic with special structure is an important branch of ceramic materials. It is characterized by high-temperature resistance, high strength, super

High-tech Precision Ceramics

How did High-tech Precision Ceramics come into being?

High-tech precision ceramics mainly refer to high-temperature hard ceramics, the hardness and high-temperature resistance of which are greatly enhanced due


Uncover the Mysterious Veil of the New Material: Cermets

The cermet is a composite material composed of ceramic hard bonded with metal or alloy. Cermets not only maintain some

Magnetic ceramic material

What Can the Functional Ceramics Be used for?

Functional ceramics are knowledge and technology-intensive products. There are many kinds of functional ceramics and they are widely used. Electronic

Piezoelectric Ceramic

Amazing Piezoelectric Ceramic Goggles

Ceramics are the oldest silicate materials. With the development of science and technology, modern ceramic materials with special excellent properties

ceramic cutting tools

Ceramic Cutting Tools: Technological Revolution in Machining

The emergence of new ceramic cutting tools is the first time that people have used ceramic materials to reform the

Functional Ceramics

Functional Ceramics are Ubiquitous in People’s Lives

Functional ceramics is a new material with wide application. When it comes to ceramics, people often think of it as

piezoelectric ceramic

How Does the Piezoelectric Ceramic Work in Life?

Since the birth of barium titanate, the first ceramic piezoelectric material in 1942, the application of piezoelectric ceramics have been