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Traditional Ceramic

Ceramic Materials Used in Our Daily Life (With Video)

Ceramic Materials Used in Our Daily Life Ceramic materials are inorganic nonmetallic materials made from compounds of a metal and

New Research Results of Fine Process of Zirconia Ceramics

New Research Results of Fine Process of Zirconia Ceramics

Preparation of zirconia ceramic powder The ultra-high temperature technology can not only develop zirconia ceramics inexpensively but also cheaply develop

zirconia grinding ball

3 Preparation Methods of Zirconia Grinding Media

Zirconium oxide is a material well suited as a grinding medium and it can be cylindrical or spherical in shape.

boron nitride powder-2

5 Boron Nitride Powder Production Methods

Solid-State Synthesis This is the most commonly used method for synthesizing boron nitride powder. The method has low cost, simple

Use Guide of Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible

Pyrolytic boron nitride crucible (PBN crucible), as its name suggests, is a vessel or a melting tank made of pyrolytic boron

Zirconia Ceramics For Crown Implants Application

Zirconia Ceramics For Crown Implants Application

  The cermet fixed partial denture (FPD) is considered to be the gold standard and is a reliable material. However,


Differences Between Precise Ceramics and Traditional Ceramics

Precise Ceramics Precise ceramics, also named advanced ceramics, are products made from high purity inorganic compounds with developed workmanship. Through specific


What Does It Take To Make Opaque Ceramics Transparent?

The ceramic material that everybody sees at ordinary times is opaque normally, so what does it take to make opaque

Precise Ceramics

Precise Ceramics VS Traditional Ceramics

Ceramic material is an inorganic non-metallic material made by forming and sintering natural or synthetic compounds at high temperature. It

Hexagonal-Boron-Nitride (Side-view-3D)

How Did Boron Nitride Ceramics Develop Today?

In recent years, new materials based on ceramics have developed rapidly. Boron nitride (BN) ceramics, a hexagonal crystal system with