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What are Ceramic Foams Properties, Manufacturing, and Uses

What are Ceramic Foams? Properties, Manufacturing, and Uses

Ceramic foams are very important materials used in various industrial processes and mechanical equipment. In this article, we will discuss

What Are the Ceramic Materials Used as Grinding Media?

Grinding media play an important role in some manufacturing processes. The grinding process usually takes place in the mill, but

Technical Ceramics

High-Performance Ceramic Materials and Their Properties

Ceramic materials are, now more than ever, in more demand. And as the demand for ceramics increase, the desired properties

body armor vest

Application of Boron Carbide Ceramics in Body Armor

When it comes to providing general protection for the most in extremely violent situations, armors have gone through a series

An Overview of Advanced Ceramic Materials

An Overview of Advanced Ceramic Materials

Advanced ceramic materials can be divided into structural ceramics, tool ceramics, and functional ceramics according to their different uses. Next, we

Boron Nitride Overview: Properties, Production, and Uses

Overview Boron nitride is a non-toxic thermal and chemical refractory compound with high electrical resistance, and is most commonly available

What Is Piezoelectric Ceramic

What is a Piezoelectric Ceramic?

Piezoelectric ceramic is the general designation of ferroelectric ceramics with a piezoelectric effect through the polarization treatment of polycrystals made

What Does It Take To Make Opaque Ceramics Transparent

What Does It Take To Make Opaque Ceramics Transparent?

The ceramic material that everybody sees at ordinary times is opaque normally, so what does it take to make opaque

How Does the Piezoelectric Ceramic Work in Life?

Since the birth of the first ceramic piezoelectric material barium titanate in 1942, piezoelectric ceramics have been used in all

Growth and Properties of Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible

Growth and Properties of Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible Materials

Growth principle of pyrolytic boron nitride crucible The pyrolytic boron nitride crucible is grown by chemical meteorological deposition. The high-purity