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Category: Aluminum oxide

advanced ceramic materials

Types and Applications of All Kinds of Ceramic Materials

Types and Applications of All Kinds of Ceramic Materials Ceramics greatly differ in their basic composition. The properties of ceramic

Zirconia Ceramics & Alumina Ceramics

Performance Comparison Between Zirconia Ceramics and Alumina Ceramics

  Nowadays, the advanced ceramic industry has developed rapidly in various industries. Industrial advanced ceramics have been widely used in

Ceramic brakes

Super Performances of New Ceramics in the Automobile Industry

With the improvement of modern production technology, some new ceramic materials have emerged, which have their own characteristics and can

alumina tube furnace

How does the Nano Alumina Work in Precise Ceramics?

From the perspective of structural ceramics, nano alumina precise ceramics can be divided into wear-resisting parts, structural parts, refractory parts,

Zirconium Tungstate

A New Generation of Structural Ceramics: Zirconium Tungstate

In the past few years, structural ceramics have maintained a strong and sustained growth, which is not only due to

Alumina Ceramic Substrate

What are the Uses of Alumina Ceramic Substrate in the Automobile Industry?

Alumina ceramic substrate has excellent comprehensive performance and is an important material in the automobile industry. It is more and

ceramic knife

What is a Ceramic Knife?

The ceramic knife appeared to be popular with consumers since ordinary kitchen knives and general metal tools are not enough

mullite ceramic

How Many Oxide Structural Ceramics Do You Know? (2)

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Ceramic Magnesium oxide ceramics are ceramic with magnesium oxide as the main component. It belongs to the

Zircoa Extrusion Dies

How Many Oxide Structural Ceramics Do You Know? (1)

Oxide structural ceramic is a kind of ceramic materials that widely used and earlier developed, which generally refers to various

ceramic 3D printing

Introduction of Ceramic 3D Printing

There are many many disadvantages on traditional ceramic manufacturing technology, such as which needs long lead time (at least 8