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Ceramic Materials for automotive application

Ceramics are used in transportation mainly because they are lightweight, can withstand high temperatures, are capable of insulating thermally and electrically, exhibit excellent wear and corrosion resistance properties, and are safe and reliable.

Hybrid Vehicles

The recent advancements in battery technology are placing new demands on thermal management systems. Precision engineered ceramic shafts and bearings are used in the water cooling pumps of next-generation hybrid vehicles for cooling critical engine electronics and lithium-ion batteries. In addition to their longevity due to their excellent chemical resistance to the glycol coolant, ceramic products are lightweight which contributes to improved fuel efficiency and low noise running. For example, boron carbide ceramics are used in the brake linings of vehicles. And silicon carbide ceramics are used for high performance “ceramic" brake disks, as they are able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Exhaust Manifolds

Protecting the electronic engine management system of a vehicle from high temperatures surrounding the engine is a major challenge for design engineers. The use of ceramic materials can handle the extreme heat from the exhaust manifold. Besides providing heat protection, these systems can also mitigate engine noise.

Diesel Particulate Filters

The segments of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) are bonded together using a ceramic paste composed of specially engineered low bio-persistent fibers. The application properties of the paste are controlled by these fibers during production. In addition, these fibers deliver the thermal shock performance essential for the high-temperature regeneration cycle used for filter cleaning during driving the vehicle.

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Advanced Ceramic Materials
Why Advanced Ceramic Materials

Advanced Ceramic Materials (ACM) Corporation is a leading supplier of ceramic materials. ACM’s advanced ceramic materials play an integral role in throughout the automotive and transportation industry. We develop advanced ceramic materials that can withstand harsh conditions while maintaining reliability and accuracy.  In the automotive industry, components made of high-quality ceramic materials provided by ACM are used to reliably meet requirements that materials on metal or plastic basis are hardly able to fulfill.

For many years, we have cooperated with the world’s largest automotive manufacturers in the development of advanced equipment. ACM provides specialized mission-critical components for a wide variety of automotive applications by supplying advanced ceramic materials.



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