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CM3298 Honey Comb Ceramic Filter Plates (Honeycomb)

  • Catalog No. CM3298
  • Material Cordierite, Mullite, Corundum, Zirconia
  • Number of Cells / inch2 60-400
  • Micro Cell 2-3 μm

Honey Comb Ceramic Filter Plates Description

Honey Comb Ceramic Filter Plate is a new type of ceramic material widely used in metallurgical and foundry industries to filter metal melts. It has characteristics of heat shock resistance and high sintering temperature. It has natural chemical adsorption (affinity) ability for oxides. It adsorbs impurities in the molten metal (including particles smaller than the pore size) on the inner wall of the hole, and improves the filtering effect. The advanced extrusion production process makes the ceramic filter have a unique square or triangular design, which increases the contact area with the ceramic, improves the ability of the filter to absorb and capture small impurities, and has a better filtering effect than the non-extrusion filter. The molten metal flows smoothly, the pouring speed and continuity are improved; the casting waste rate is reduced. The mechanical properties of the castings are optimized and the service life is prolonged.

Honey Comb Ceramic Filter Plates Specifications



Cordierite Cordierite-Mullite Mullite Corundum Mullite Zirconia Mullite
Content of Al2O3 (%) 35-37 40-50 50-60 68-73 68-73
Cell Shape Round/Square
Number of Cells / Inch2 60-400
Micro Cell (μm) 2-3
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (10^(-6)/K) ≤1.8 ≤3 ≤5 ≤5.5 ≤5
Softening Temperature (℃) 1380 1500 1550 1700 1700
Comprehensive Strength at Normal Temperature (MPa) ≥12 ≥15 ≥15 ≥15 ≥15


Honey Comb Ceramic Filter Plates Applications

* Casting alumina alloy

* Casting nodular iron and gray iron

* Casting stainless steel


Our Honey Comb Ceramic Filter Plates are carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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