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Zirconia Ceramic Definition & Application Fields

Zirconia Ceramic Defined

Zirconia ceramics are high-grade industrial ceramic materials made of zirconia (ZrO2), which are chemically inert and highly heat-expandable, and have high wear resistance and crack propagation resistance. It has the highest toughness and strength at room temperature in all advanced ceramic materials. It also has excellent thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity. Zirconia ceramics have a fine grain size that provides sharp edges and a smooth surface. It also has the ability to conduct oxygen ions and can be used to measure the partial pressure of oxygen in lambda probes.  

Applications & Uses

Often, ceramics are associated with art and decorative pottery made of clay and other composite materials. However, industrial ceramics, although made of the same material, have different uses. Industrial ceramics are used to provide support for machine or machine parts and increase the throughput of the manufacturing process. Today, ceramics are designed and manufactured into industrially strong products, and the ceramics industry has a wide range of customers. Industries that rely on ceramic parts and products include refractory materials, automotive, military and defense, pharmaceutical and healthcare, power generation, industrial, food processing, and etc. For more information about zirconia ceramics and other advanced ceramic materials, please visit


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