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Applications of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Silicon Nitride Ceramics Have Combined Properties

Silicon nitride ceramics are characterized by an excellent combination of material properties. Silicon nitride is nearly as light as silicon carbide (SiC), but its microstructure gives Si3N4 excellent thermal shock resistance, and the high fracture toughness makes it resistant to impacts and shocks. The microstructure of silicon nitrides consists of elongated crystals that interlock into micro-rods. One application where this combination of properties has proven particularly useful is the machining of gray cast iron or cast iron with ceramic inserts. Unlike hard metals or other cutting materials, machining processes can be performed with silicon nitride inserts at maximum speed without the use of cooling lubricants.

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Applications of Silicon Nitride in Bearings, Seal Rings and Others

Thanks to silicon nitrides’ outstanding chemical and physical characteristics, Si3N4 ceramic components have replaced conventional materials. Applications of silicon nitride ceramics include seal rings, bearing and sealing technology, etc. The combination of good tribological properties and excellent fracture toughness makes silicon nitride ceramics predestined for some applications. Silicon nitride balls and silicon nitride bearing rollers are important components for light and extremely heavy-duty ceramic forming tools. Silicon nitride bearings are used as automotive components subject to stand high stress. And it is exploited in welding processes with good thermal shock resistance and high temperature resistance.

Silicon nitride has a decisive impact on the functionality, reliability and service life of these components. Combined bearings made of ceramic materials and carbon or reinforced plastic are surprisingly light yet very stiff, thus are not easily impacted by centrifugal forces and feature very good emergency and dry running properties. For example, a radial bearing combined with a ceramic bearing sleeve and a bearing bush made of carbon.

Conclusion of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

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