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How did High-tech Precision Ceramics come into being?

High-tech precision ceramics mainly refer to high-temperature hard ceramics, the hardness and high-temperature resistance of which are greatly enhanced due to the addition of the precious metal titanium or iridium in this kind of ceramic materials.

In 2000, Chanel drew inspiration from the streamlined shape of rowing boats in the sailing world and developed unique material. Natural mineral powders of zirconium dioxide and yttrium roasted at over 1000 degrees Celsius and then tested by a number of precision strict procedures and machine polishing, finally, a high-tech precision ceramics got. This high-tech precision ceramics gives off a deep, dark sheen, which caused a sensation when it first appeared at the Chanel wristwatch jewelry store in Paris’s Fontainebleau square. The watch chain made of this precision ceramic is attached to the wrist like a second layer of skin, which naturally senses body temperature and is not as cold or hard as a metal. Ceramics have never been so delicate in the field of tabulation before.

High-tech precision ceramics have many excellent properties, such as lightweight, high hardness, non-wear, non-fading, and comfort, etc. Therefore, it is favored by the modern watchmaking industry and is mainly used for making watch cases and watch straps. For example, adopting high-tech ceramics has become the brand characteristic of the Swiss watchmaking brands Rado and Chanel J12 series.

High-tech Precision Ceramics

High-tech precision ceramics are mostly white, silver gray, and black, which are closely related to the added elements. Ceramic coated with titanium will appear silver gray, such as Chanel J12CHROMATIC titanium ceramic watches. It is made of high-tech precision titanium ceramic, which is not only light and wear-resistant, but also has the property of constant temperature and can absorb the body surface temperature, so it is very comfortable to wear. The ceramic with iridium metal is mostly white, for example, Chanel J12 white wristwatch once launched a wave of white wristwatch trend. Chanel J12 black wristwatch added natural mineral powder consisting of zirconia and yttrium, and this high-tech precision ceramic gives off a deep, dark sheen, which makes black extreme nobility. Of course, there are also RADO radar meters that apply the ultra-light high-tech ceramic Si3N4TiN to the diamond bar series wristwatches, which makes them appear in different old bronze colors.

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