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SC0975 Silicon Carbide Insert, SiC Insert

  • Catalog No. SC0975
  • Molecular Weight 40.1
  • Molecular Formula SiC
  • Appearance Black
  • Melting Point 2,730° C (4,946° F) (decomposes)
  • Density 3.0 to 3.2 g/cm3
  • Electrical Resistivity 1 to 4 10x Ω-m
  • Poisson's Ratio 0.15 to 0.21
  • Specific Heat 670 to 1180 J/kg-K

Silicon Carbide Insert Description

Silicon carbide is an ideal material for pump inserts. It has excellent corrosion resistance, great mechanical strength under high temperatures and great wear resistance.?Silicon carbide ceramic has superior favor and efficiency compared to other vaporization surfaces.

SiC inserts have great mechanical properties. Carbon-impregnated silicon carbide materials effectively improve self-lubrication. Advanced Ceramic Materials supplies silicon carbide inserts processed by sintering and reaction bonding to fulfill various requirements of our customers. We can deliver both flat SiC inserts and custom-manufactured SiC inserts with complex shapes.

Silicon Carbide Insert Specifications




Sintered Silicon Carbide (S-SiC)

SMB1  Basic pure SiC

Purity of SiC > 98%

Hv: 26 GPa

SMG1  Graphite impregnated

15%~20% content of Graphite

SMP1  Porous

Better friction resistance

Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide (RB-SiC)

SMB2  Basic SiC

Purity of SiC > 88%

SMG2  Graphite impregnated

20%~30% content of Graphite


Silicon Carbide Insert Applications

- can be applied in areas such as semiconductors and coating.
- an ideal material for pump gaskets.
- can be used to manufacture quartz bangers

Packing Service

ACM’s Silicon Carbide Inserts are carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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