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How Many Oxide Structural Ceramics Do You Know? (1)

Oxide structural ceramic is a kind of ceramic material that is widely used and earlier developed, which generally refers to various simple oxide ceramics with a melting point higher than that of SiO2 crystal  (1730 ℃). Since used in the mobile phone back cover, zirconia ceramics are known to us. But how many commonly used oxide structural ceramics do you know besides zirconia?

Alumina Ceramics

Alumina ceramics is a kind of ceramic material mainly composed of alpha-al2o3 crystal, which is one of the most widely used ceramics currently.

Mechanical industry: the alumina ceramics used as cutting metal ceramic cutter, wire drawing die, ball bearings, grinding media and all kinds of wear-resistant porcelain;
Electronic industry: used as ceramic substrates, vacuum switch ceramic shell, insulating ceramics for vacuum electronic devices, etc.;
Semiconductor manufacturing: used as silicon wafer chuck, hook; the environment of high-temperature heating elements, such as the crucible, thermocouple protection tube, furnace tube, etc.;
Paper industry: the wiper plate, desander, etc;
Chemical industry, light industry, and textile: fire pump, mechanical washer, nozzle, wear-resisting liner, liner board, water valve, etc.;
Medical areas: artificial joint, etc.

Beryllium Oxide Ceramics

Beryllium oxide ceramic is a kind of ceramic material mainly composed of beryllium oxide, which is a clear hexagonal structured crystal with stable density and without crystal shapeshift. The melting temperature of beryllium oxide ranges 2530 ~ 2570 ℃, the density of which is 3. 3 g/cm3 and Mohs hardness is 9, besides that, it has a high-temperature vapor pressure and low evaporation rate.

Electronics industry: Beryllium oxide ceramic is used as the high-power cooling device, electric vacuum components, hybrid integrated circuits, high power semiconductor devices;
Metallurgical industry: used as the beryllium crucible and containers for smelting rare metals and high-purity metal like platinum, vanadium, etc;
The nuclear industry: used as nuclear reactor structure under normal and high temperatures, including the neutron moderator, radiation protection materials, the control rods, and UO2 ceramic combined into nuclear fuel;
Beryllium oxide ceramic also used to make transparent BeO ceramics serves as a storage device for microwave substrates and integrated circuit boards, also, applied to the instrument of the high-temperature observation window.

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