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An Overview On Ceramics

An Overview on Ceramics

  The word ‘ceramic’ is originated from Greek word keromikos, which means ‘burnt stuff’. Ceramics are compounds of metallic and

iphone materials

Why Does IPhone Use Zirconia Ceramics?

Some people think that if Apple iPhone uses the zirconium oxide ceramic material, then the equipment production costs increase, the final

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Acid-resistant Ceramic-Zirconia

Zirconia is widely used in dentistry. It has been reported that the clinical success of resin bonding procedures for cementing

zirconium oxide

Zirconium Oxide for Medical Purposes

ZrO2 stabilized with Y2O3 has better mechanical properties than other combinations; although its sintering is much more difficult, this is

types of silicon nitride

What Are the Types of Silicon Nitride Ceramics?

5 Types of Silicon Nitride Ceramics Silicon nitride ceramic is a range of advanced engineering ceramics characterized by high strength, toughness,


What can Zirconium Oxide be Used for

The zirconium oxide–the ceramic relationship is not yet well known. Core–veneer interface is one of the weakest aspects of these

Zirconia Ceramic

How to Use Zirconia in Dentistry?

Ceramic materials are very important in the science of dental biomaterials. Among all dental ceramics, zirconia ceramic is in evidence

products boron carbide

What are the Properties of Boron Carbide?

Boron carbide is characterized by a unique combination of properties that make it a material of choice for a wide

Ceramics melt

How to Fabricate and Process Ceramics

Ceramics melt at high temperatures and they exhibit a brittle behavior under tension. As a result, the conventional melting, casting

Zirconia Oxide Ball

Typical Ceramics and Respective Applications

Some typical ceramics and respective applications are as follows: Aluminium oxide / Alumina (Al2O3): it is one of the most